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About Us

Wujiang City Shen Ling Medical Device Co., Ltd. (We have another company, Named:Wujiang City Cloud & Dragon Medical Device Co.,Ltd.) is located in Beishe town, Wujiang City, very close to Shanghai. The traffic is very convenient. There is only 1.5 hours drive from Shanghai to our company. Our factory owner is Mr.Chen Shun Yong.

We are the largest professional acupuncture needle and Tattoo needle manufacturer in China, which specialized in production of Chen Shun Yong brand & Cloud & Dragon brand acupuncture needles and tattoo needles for single use. Several years ago we had got FDA registration, CE certification, ISO 9001TGA registration. In February,2004 we get the CE certification in Canada.

Our company are established in 1992, as production history over tens of years. We have above 300 employees total, and factory acreage above 30000 M2(include the employees dorm). We can produce acupuncture needle 500,000pcs/day and tattoo loose needle 500,000pcs/day, pre-made needle 20,000pcs/day. Our sales amount total above 3.5 million U.S. Dollars per year.

Acupuncture Products have complete scopes :silver plate handle needles, copper handle needle, steel and stainless steel handle needles, plastic handle needle, aluminum handle, copper tube with nickel plate handle needles, auricular needle, press needle, dermal needles, apex needles, skin needles, lancets, ect.

Moxibusion products also have complete styles,like: moxa rolls (with plaster), paper tube moxa rolls, smokeless moxa rolls, nien yin moxa rolls, pure moxa rolls, moxa floss(with 4 grade)moxa cones, ect.

Tattoo and Piercing Supplies include: loose needle, piercing needle, pre-made (ready made needle), eyebrow needles, Permanent Make up needles (Cosmetic Needles), etc. We also make Disposable Plastic Grips, Tips, and also Stainless steel Types, we  distribute Tattoo machines and other Tattoo supplies.

We also supply all other reference products related to acupuncture and tattoo.

By now our products sell quite well in E.U. countries, U.K., America, Australia, Japan and other over 50 countries and areas, we won very good trust from foreign customers. Our good sales are based on the first rate quality and service we supply.

We would like to make progress together with customers all over the world.




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