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Moxibustion Products

,Mini Moxa Rolls with adhesive plaster
   Art No.M-1   

,Paper Tube Moxa Rolls one head with glue
   Art No.M-2     
   Three type:Strong (Red)
   Mild (Yellow)
   Feeble (Green)

,Pure moxa rolls    
   Art No.M-3    

,Tai Yi moxa rolls   
   Art No.M-4 

,Nien Ying Moxa rolls   
     Art No.M-5 

,Mini Moxa Rolls with pallets   
     Art No.M-6 

,Moxa Punk   
     Art No.M-7   
     With 4 grades:
     Grade Standard,Grade 2,Grade 1,Grade Special
     Pack: 100g/bag, 250g/bag, 500g/bag

,Smokeless moxa rolls   
     Art No.M-8   

,Smokeless Moxa on Needle   
     Art No.M-8-1  
     Pack: 200pcs/box

,Smokeless Moxa Rolls with pallets   
     Art No.M-8-2  
    Two types: Strong (fat)
                         Mild (thin)
     Pack: 200pcs/box

,Ear Candles   
     Art No.M-17  
     pack: 12pcs/box

,Moxibustion weed rolls
     Art No.M-30  
     (For treat by cosmetic salon disperse chloasma freckle
     and other speckles)
     pack:  5pcs/bag

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