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¡ö Other Needles

¡¤Disposable sterile Press needle Pack:
   1/100pcs/box, paper blister pack
   2/100pcs/box, plastic block pack, with surgical plaster
   3/100pcs/box, plastic block pack, with skin color plaster
   4/100pcs/flake,lozenge form on a foam
   5/1000pcs/bag,bulk package

¡¤Intradermal Needle Pack:    
   1/100pcs/box, paper blister pack
   2/100pcs/box,plastic block pack

¡¤Spiral handle needle
   Spiral type, the handle uses national handicraft, looks like exquisite sculpture or rolling beads, is the superfine product among traditional needles.

¡¤Yuan-li Needle 

¡¤Seven Star Dermal Needle
  (Plum blossom needle)
   1/Single head
   2/Double heads

¡¤Throat Needles 
  Material: copper or silver plate handle
         1/Ring handle
         2/Flat handle

¡¤Auricular Needle 
  Material: Stainless steel
   Pack: 100pcs/box, paper blister pack

  Material: stainless stell,surgical grade

  Material: plastic handle

  Material: plastic handle


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