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2th Generation TDP Lamps
Main features
This product has been improved based on the first generation "magical lamp".the first generation adapts mechanical timing mode,and its disadvantage is that after many times of uses,it gets easy access to invalidation, and make timing ineffective.The knob of time controller is made up from ABSengineering plastics,and it might be broken if used frequently.This disadvantage is inconvenient for users.Besides,the mechanical timing device can not warn users when time has reached timing point. The timing range is quite marrow,even it can not tell users the accumulative using time, so the users can not know when to change the element plate, and the therapeutic effect becomes less.

the second generation "magical lamp"has overcome the disadvantages of the first generation "magical lamp".we adapt the sing le chip process technique of computer, electronic timing and digital & liquid crystal display.meanwhile, we enlarge the timing range, add timing warning device and the accumulative using time, which make convenient for users to use the timing function,and know when to change the element plate (changing element plate needed when it has used for 1000 hours),and improve the therapeutic effect.

Index of main capability
voltage of power
model for standard voltage(110V/220V)
Power consumption:250W(for each rediation point)
Display system:four-digit display\liquid crystal display
Environment temperature when using:0-40
Environment humidity when using:80%


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