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3th Generation TDP Lamps
Main features

This product is developed based on the first generation and the second generation "magical lamp",and this great product brings us whole-new conception.It gets China'sinvention patent.
On the technique issue,the third generation TDP magical lamp curing instrument is made up of two or more specializing electromagnetic wave spectrum radiation points.Each point is working under excitation status set by regulation device and radiate respective TDP quanta spectrum,and converges in curing area. So it can enlarge width of wave spectrum and change wave structure in accordance with design.

Index of main capability

Voltage of power:
Model for standard voltage (110V/220V)50/60Hz
Model for wide range voltage (90V~260V)50/60Hz
Power consumption:250~350W (regarded as excitation status)
Operative mode:provocation with multihead
Display system:four-digit display
Liquid crystal display
Environment temperature when using:0-40
Environment humidity when using:80%

The invention backgrounds of the third generation "TDP magical lamp"

TDP is called "magical lamp".Being clinic tested by hundreds of thousands patients,its health care and curing functions are acknowledged and adapted by the sanitation department and medical affairs personnel.The TDP research associations,which are made up of doctors,agriculturists,opticists and other experts,are founded in Chongqing,Chengdu,Beijing, and Zhengzhou in succession.TDP has ever got the golden medal in yugoslavia International Fair and silver medal in Eureka World Invention Fair.The primary TDP did not regulate the radiation of specializing electromagnetic wave,and the width of spectrum is fixed. Although it is widely used in medicine,stock raising,agriculture,microbe and other fields, it is not satisfying. For different living creatures,such as human body, animal, plantmicrobe,etc; for different individuals of one species,for different kinds of diseases,or different constitutional patients for one kind of disease,namely,the common and individual problems exist in life phenomena and life activities. It is not easy to use one fixed spectrum structure (namely,density spectrum of quanta energy power) to meet the demands of different layers and different circumstances. Indeed, one fixed spectrum structure can not be the optimal structure for different character.This is the local for TDP(the first generation).TO solve the problem,there are two ways:one is to enlarge the width of spectrum,namely,different individuals of different species or the same species to get its need,selecting resonant needed (certain energy,certain amount) TDP quanta.on the invention conception issue, it is similar to the wide range wave antibiotic therapy adapted in medicine for curing diseases. The other way is to regulate the spectrum structure of TDP.To strengthen the benign biological effect of specializing electromagnetic spectrum and imiprove the curative effect for diseases,the TDPquanta should be selected according to their character,and the optimal quanta should be chosen.The invention patent wild range wave spectrum TDP (the third generation TDP magical lamp curing instrument) was born after integrating those two ways above.

The difference between the third generation TDP magical lamp and the first and the second generation TDPmagical lamp

The wild range wave spectrum TDP (the third generation TDP magical lamp curing instrument)retains the nucleus part of the magical lamp------radiation plate and ensures all the biological effects and their adaption symptom that the TDPmagical lamp ever has.The differences of the third generation magical lamp curing instrument is that it can enlarge width of wave spectrum and optimize structure of wave structure.It can not only provide TDPquanta at different energy level for persons,but also meet the amount demand of kinds of TDP quanta.Therefore,the third generation magical lamp (wide range wave spectrum TDP)improves curing and health card.

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