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TDP Lamps Caution

1.On operation do not touch the lamp head. The TDP shoud be protected against dampness and violent percussion.Its plate should be kept intact,and can never be cleaned with any liquid.

2.The part of recieved irradiation must be exposed,otherwise therapeutio effects is insufficiency.Effective measures must be taken to protect the eyes when the lamp is used for facial treatment.temperature will be depressed if user is the baby.

3.The distane between you and the lamp's plat e isn't too shorter to avoid accident when the lamp is heated.

4.The lamp'splate must be changed when it becomes wine(about after two years).

5.To prevent accident,do not let children operate this apparatus or get access to the lamp head when it is being heated.

6.You should pay great attention to the operate voltage of TDP and make sure that the voltage selected for TDP should correspend with local power Voltage,before in serting plug into socket or the TDP will be damaded.

7.Please first check the fusion when the lamp can't work,if it isn't OK,please use spare one.


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