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TDP is an abbreviation for Chinese words ¡° Teding Diancibo Pu ¡±. The essential component of TDP apparatus is therapeutic plate that is made from a mixed coat of more than 30 kinds of selected elements. Under a heat up to 200-400oC, TDP can produce a spectrum of electromagnetic waves carrying tens of elementary information and energy. It is of a comprehensive biological effect on organisms.
TDP Therapeutic Apparatus has in China experienced many trials by hundred of research institutes, hospitals and universities. Hundreds of millions of people received TDP treatment clinically. TDP has been scientifically demonstrated to have effects such as dephlogisticate, detumescence, pain killing, itch relieving, ant diarrhea, lull, reducing ooze, invigorating blood circulation and diffusing extravagated blood, enhancing metabolism, promoting wound healing and epithelial growth, regulating physiological functions, and activating enzymes inside human body. Tests by authorities like the National Metrology Institute show that TDP has no side effects on human beings.
As a scientific and technical invention, TDP received a gold award of Yugoslavia International Fair and a silver award of Belgium Brussels International fair both in the world Exposition in 1986. Since then, usage of TDP has spread to hundreds of millions of people in ten of people in ten of countries and areas! TDP has received the sale qualification from US Federal Food and Drug Bureau (FDA).
TDP is characteristic of large usage range, quick effect, convenient operation, reasonably low price and having both therapeutic and healthcare affections. TDP has special effects on some difficult diseases and therefore gained a quite good reputation also, it is called ¡°Miracle Lamp¡± in world!

Some biologists and geneticists pointed out: ¡± The three main elements maintaining a life process are the mass, the energy, and the information.¡±
TDP Therapeutic he therapeutic plate manufactured elaborately. When getting energy under heat of electro-power. Can be triggered to produce a comprehensive electromagnetic wave of many elements and information. The spectrum of the wave covers completely the electromagnetic wave spectrum released by human body and resonates with human counterpart elements of which the movable energy has been heightened. Now, TDP has promoted human enzymes¡¯ activity, increased body organs¡¯ coordination and immunity, quickened the disintegration of dead human cells and pathological biopolymers, and recovered disease rapidly. This is the therapeutic mechanism of TDP Therapeutic Apparatus used upon human beings.

¡¤ TDP has sign cant effects on infant enteritis, especially on sustained and obstinate diarrhea.
¡¤ To many soft tissue injuries. TDP has a good result of dephlogistication, detumescence and Analgesia. Injuries and surgical wounds can therefore heal faster.
¡¤ Patients with rheum arthritis and headache may be relieved or recovered obviously in hour or 2-3 days.
¡¤ To extravagated blood, thrombus, hecatomb and edema, it has a good result of promoting self-absorption.
¡¤ To blood circulation obstruction, microcirculation barrier, and varix, it has a peculiar therapeutic effect.
¡¤ To dysmenombhoea of pubescent girls, abdominal contraction of lying-in woman, and gynaecopathia like inflammation and pain, it has unexpected effects.

¡¤ A lady often awaked at 4 or 5 O¡¯clock in the morning by her perplexing lumbago, which now has been eliminated after 4-5 times of TDP treatment.
¡¤ An infant and an old man were both in hospital several days because of diarrhea, which was stopped immediately after 30 minutes of TDP radiation on the patients¡¯ abdomens.
¡¤ A woman puncher broke her arm on which the wound didn¡¯t heal after three months. Doctor suggested amputating the arm. But the puncher chose to receive TDP therapy and she recovered in a month
¡¤ An old lady was paralyzed with brain thrombosis. She got 24 hours TDP radiation every day after her illness on the troubled portion of hillock brain. She recovered miraculously after 3 months of treatment.


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